Startup Incubator

Paid entrepreneurship training that prepares you for large investments

Why Sympact?

We Hire You

We pay you MX $6,800 a month to take our course and to create an innovative company

We Hire You!

We Train You

We teach you the science of starting a company and guide you in creating a company of your own

We Connect You

We connect you with accelerator programs and angel investors from around the world

Sympact is a start from scratch incubator


training to startups in developing countries

Create by the founder of

After spending two years in Mexico and then starting Owlet, a baby heart rate and oxygen level company, Kurt started Kuwelo to help teach entrepreneurship to people in developing countries. 

"I believe that there is an immense amount of human potential in developing countries. At Sympact, we hope to empower entrepreneurs to create innovations that boost economies, create jobs, and change lives." - Kurt Workman


Farmington, UT

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