Innovation is at the core of what we do. We truly believe that you can innovate and create a meaningful company. Our goal is to empower anyone to learn the necessary skills and build a company that provides wealth for their family and jobs for many others.


You can get hired for MX $6,800 a month to start a company. That's right, we pay you MX $6,800 a month to do the following

  1. Learn the science of starting a company through the Sympact Curriculum.

  2. Generate business ideas

  3. Validate with customers

  4. Sell your product

  5. Pitch to Investors

In addition to the MX $6,800 a month, you'll own the majority of the company and we'll own the minority.


Santiago, a college graduate in economics, decides he is tired of working at a call center so he applies to Coelho and is accepted. Santiago gets paid MX $6,800 a month and starts the Sympact Curriculum and learns all about idea generation, market analysis, customer validation, business models, and investment pitches. At the same time, he's applying what he's learning. Santago finds that there are 150 million people in the world without prescription glasses that need them but can't afford a big upfront cost. Applying what he learned from the Sympact Curriculum, he solves the problem by creating an online service that allows eye doctors to prescribe glasses online and then rent them out for $2 a month. Once Santiago has talked to enough customers and doctors, Sympact connects him with an accelerator program that gives Santiago his first large investment.



  • Market Research 

  • Idea Generation

  • Customer Validation

  • Prototyping

  • Lean Startup Methodology

  • Content Creation

  • Digital Marketing

  • Finding Talent

  • Accounting

  • Investment Pitching


  • $1 Billion+ Market Size

  • 50+ Problems and Ideas

  • 5 Innovative Solutions

  • Virtual Prototype

  • Marketing Content

  • Solid Conversion Rate

  • Slide Deck for Investors

  • Pre Orders


  • Nail it then Scale it

  • Lean Startup

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Making Ideas Happen

  • The Art of the Start


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